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Bremont are makers of luxury British watches and Spratley & Partners designed their headquarters, the Wing, in Henley-on-Thames. As part of this larger project, we created branded displays to showcase their merchandise and selected artifacts, to dress the boutique at The Wing.

As the brand grew and started to open retail spaces across the UK and abroad, we were tasked with developing a suite of store components and displays to be used in every Bremont outlet. For the boutiques at Canary Wharf and in Melbourne our remit went beyond display elements and we designed the entire store for both.

As part of our design development we hosted workshops with the client to understand the brand associations and direction. Through this process it became clear the tonal combinations of the existing stores and their display zones and cabinets needed to be reviewed and better reference the product and brand heritage. Display units would also need to be suitable for configuration within the set footprints of airports and department stores.

Inspired by the Bremont principles of aviation, engineering and adventure, we produced concepts that culminated in detailed design packages. These included joinery display designs that could expand on a set grid, creating a suite of components that could be assembled to fit across any configuration and space. Designs referenced the fabrication and tactile components used in the connections and framing of the box-girder fuselage and wings of the First World War fighter plane, the Sopwith Camel.

Engaging window displays, bar/cashier space and soft furnishings were all part of our remit, along with units to house specific iconography, artifacts and the mechanised winding machines and collateral used to prepare the watches for sale.


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