Building 3000

CIM Group, a leading American investment fund, purchased its first UK/Europe portfolio by acquiring Guildford's Cathedral Square campus, comprising three buildings—1000, 2000, and 3000. Spratley & Partners were appointed to refurbish Building 3000, transforming it into Grade A office space that meets modern occupier needs.

The refurbishment aimed to enhance the campus with better visual and pedestrian connections, add flexibility for multiple tenants and create a distinct value proposition. The goal was to differentiate Building 3000 from the already refurbished 1000 and 2000 buildings, creating a unified and inviting campus environment.

Building 3000's redesign embraced vibrant aesthetics with bold colours and textures, creating a unique identity while maintaining architectural cohesion. The refurbishment allowed flexible floor splits accommodating up to four tenants per floor with minimal Net Internal Area (NIA) loss.

Challenges included fostering a campus feel and creating a sustainable, versatile office setup for single or multi-tenant occupancy. Existing fire escape arrangements limited floor layout flexibility, which was resolved by adding a new external fire escape stair and internal fire curtains. This enabled more flexible floor splits and adaptability.

The ground floor now features an extended entrance to a central atrium surrounded by office space, and the upper floors provide open balconies and fire safety measures. Intelligent building technology enhances efficiency and functionality, and the building is on track to achieve a BREEAM 'Excellent' rating.

The building surpassed BCO guidelines by enhancing fresh air ventilation rates and meeting or exceeding 2023 BCO standards for facilities. Landscape transformations connect Building 3000 with Building 1000 and 2000, creating a pedestrian-friendly link and green spaces. A new vehicle strategy reduced street-level congestion, allowing for additional amenities like an external workout area.

S&P maximised space utility by repurposing the basement void for high-quality end-of-trip facilities without compromising NIA or parking. External enhancements included localised recladding, new signage, and increased entrance height for a more inviting space. The flat roof was converted into a private terrace with accessibility features, emphasising flexibility.

The refurbishment prioritises health, well-being, and sustainable commuting, with expanded cycle spaces, e-bike charging, showers, lockers, and EV charging. Exercise-friendly elements, accessibility features, and private roof terraces enhance the building's appeal, making it the first office space in Guildford with a rooftop terrace.

Project Statistics

  • Potential tenant splits doubled from 6 to 12.


EPC Target
B Rating


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Chris Kelly
Robin Eadie
Associate & Sustainability Lead
Louise Hawes-Baker
Architect & Interior Designer
Yeni Jeon
Part II Architectural Assistant


Project Management & QS
Structural & Civil Engineer
Morgan Structural
Box Twenty
Planning Consultant
Inspector & Fire Engineer
Clarke Banks


Winner - Best Recycled/ Refurbished Workplace
BCO Regional Awards
BCO National Awards
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