Boardwalk Studios

With views out across the busy and picturesque harbour, Boardwalk Studios sit on the boardwalk alongside Brighton Marina. Converted from two former restaurants and a vacant unit, our brief was to create three new high quality and vibrant office environments that would reflect Brighton’s youthful energy.

Working closely with the local planning consultant, we were able to secure approval for the change of use for the units, enabling our client to move forward with their plans.

The concept was to create office units that would encourage a collaborative working style, with an approximate ratio of 50:50 desks to group working/break out areas. This was achieved with a mix of space-defining furniture and varying floor finishes that helped to make distinct zones while maintaining openness.

With only curtain wall glazing to the front, natural light was limited, particularly towards the far end of each unit. We resolved this by introducing high-level glazing at the back and by optimising the interior layout so that workspaces were positioned towards the lighter areas at the front.

Drawing inspiration from the city’s street art and graffiti, the interior design for each unit featured a unique colour palette, used to bold effect on modernist wall murals. Decorative lighting, shelving, comfortable seating and branded signage completed the interiors. The same colours and geometric graphics were used on the front fascia of the units, bringing a new vitality to the formerly uninspiring frontage.

In many respects a challenging project, requiring proactive collaboration between the design and procurement teams, each of the completed units now offers a balance of playful yet functional spaces that are very well-suited to the Brighton market, with one unit let before completion and another shortly after.


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Robert Kennedy
Veronica Sanchez
Associate Director
Edwin Chan
Senior Architect


Morgan Lovell
Planning Consultant
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